Pursuit Training

Coaching For CrossFitters

Are You Only Looking For A Training Program?

Then this isn’t for you.

But if you want more, then this might be.

I created Pursuit Training for those who want a coach.

If you want to work with me at Pursuit Training then it’s because you are looking for:

Your own coach.

Someone who checks in with you every week and who you have access to 24/7.

Someone who assesses your weaknesses and shows you how to improve them.

Someone who gives you the tools you need for success.

Someone who is committed to helping you make it to the top.

If this sounds like something for you, then book a free consultation today and find out more.

Coaching Options

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Client Testimonials

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Emil Matthews

A core belief of mine is that life is a constant pursuit. Of happiness. Of excellence. Of knowledge. Of physical mastery. Etc.

The satisfaction and joy you get from accomplishing a goal or reaching your destination is directly correlated to the hardship and challenges you face on the way.

At Pursuit Training my goal is not to remove those challenges but to provide you with the support, knowledge and structure to overcome them.

To guide you in your Pursuit.

Sport and performance are my passion.

Having competed at a high level in a number of sports: Track (100m & 200m), Rugby & CrossFit. One of the things I regret from that time was not having a coach in my corner to show me where I could improve and the steps I needed to take to get to my goals.

That lack of guidance is why I started Pursuit Training and why, when I’m not with my family or my athletes, I continue to develop my coaching ability and knowledge.

So that I can help my athletes have no regrets.


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