Emil Matthews

Where Did It Start?

Born and raised in Denmark my family made the move to Wales when I was 8 and it was here that I first developed my love of sports and training.

During my time there I spent all of my childhood involved a variety of sports that include track & field, surfing, rugby, cross country running, to name but a few.

That love of sport and training, as I’m sure you can see, has continued and become an even bigger part of my life today.

At the age of 18 I moved back to Denmark and jumped head first into two of the defining aspects of my life:

CrossFit and Coaching.

My CrossFit Journey

Like so many of us I started out on the local CrossFit box classes where the only focus was getting the quickest time on the whiteboard for the day.

However, I quickly realised that to improve I would need to work on the different aspects that make up CrossFit. This realisation has led to many hours, days and years immersing myself in the different sports that we often find in the CrossFit.

My first stop was weightlifting…


Stepping into the world of weightlifting a complete beginner gave me a real understanding of how important technique is when it comes to conquering any movement in CrossFit.

I was lucky enough to be taught by one of the most acknowledged coaches in Denmark, Frank Petersen and through him I’ve gotten the chance to train along side the top weightlifters in Denmark and under the tutelage of other top coaches in the world such as Mohamed Hosny (Part of the Egyptian National Weightlifting Coaching staff).

These experiences gave me a deep appreciation for how important it as, as a coach, to see what the individual needs to improve whether it be strength, technique or both.

I don’t work with templates, I work with people.

This mantra shines through in all my coaching. I place weight on creating a connection with my clients and finding out what their individual needs are and how we can meet them.


With the development of my weightlifting and coaching, came a drive to explore and grow in other areas of CrossFit.

In gymnastics I found a friend and mentor in Niels Jørgensen owner of Niels Training. A very competent personal trainer and expert in all things bodyweight.

Aside from helping me develop my handstand, muscle ups, backflips and other gymnastic skills Niels also gave me a real appreciation for how a systematic approach to training is key.

To conquer your goals requires a structured plan.

This mantra is the corner stone of any Training By Matthews program, which is why I have start up consultations will all my clients and why each program has weekly check-ins to make sure that the structure and training continues to support you in the pursuit of your goals.


Having competed at national level in the 100m & 200m sprint as well as cross country running, conditioning has always been a big part of my life and has given me a wealth of experience in this area.

Yet at Training By Matthews another mantra that defines the company is

Constantly Strive To Improve.

This constant focus on continuing to educate has resulted in 6 years of full time coaching, amassing over 6000+ hours of on floor coaching and countless hours of online work with my clients.

It has also pushed me to seek help from people better than myself in their specific fields and has resulted in the completion of courses such as:

– Z-health Essentials

– CrossFit Level 1

– Precision Nutrition

– BioForce Conditioning Certificate


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